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Please call 1.866.HULANET or for our up to the minute used Juniper inventory. Also, you may visit either our buy Foundry or sell Foundry pages to submit requests for specific products or to obtain more information.

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Use our form to request pricing and availabillity of preowned and used Foundry products from Hula's massive inventory of used and tested switches and routers.

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Hula Networks will buy your used or preowned Foundry networks equipment. Please use the button above to access our sell Extreme form to let us know what equipment you'd like to sell.

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All Extreme hardware & used equipment is fully tested and comes with a standard 30 day warranty. Every used product we sell is eligible for a one year extended warrantee. To buy used Extreme contact us via phone at 1-866-485-2638 or click visit our buy Extreme page, fill in the Extreme product model number, submit the form and we will have a quote to you within 24 hours. Let us show you what true value and outstanding customer service can mean to you and your company. Hula Networks carries over 20 million in inventory of used routers and computer network hardware including the full line of pre-owned, refurbished and used Extreme products. Our extensive used Extreme inventory includes used Black Diamond switches, Summit stackable switches, refurbished Extreme S-Series and K-Series products as well as Extreme modules and transceivers. All Hula Networks pre-owned Extreme equipment is backed by Hula Networks standard warranty with Extreme certified technicians available as needed. Both one and two year extended warranties are available on all used, pre-owned, surplus or refurbished Extreme network equipment.

Trade in your used Extreme equipment.

Hula Networks also accepts trade-ins of legacy networking equipment toward the purchase of newer used networking equipment. Trade in your excess, used and broken Extreme equipment. We will accept trade ins towards the purchase of newer technology within the Extreme platform or across manufacturers like Juniper Networks, Extreme, Foundry or the manufacturer of your choice. Let Hula Networks turn your excess networking equipment into cash today. Call us at 866-485-2638 or visit our trade Extreme page and we will have a quote or offer to you within 24 hours.

About Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks, understands that the network is your most strategic business asset and their commitment is to enable you to make the most of it. Extreme is one of the world's largest leading providers of high-performance networking solutions, To deliver the highest quality products, Extreme Networks employs some of the best engineers and innovators in the industry to create differentiated value through better technology.

Extreme's design principles are governed by a scalable, adaptive and resilient architecture which enables unified visibility and control from the network edge to the data center with a single management system that integrates the control of wired and wireless networks to improve IT efficiency. The comprehensive data center product portfolio meets the diverse needs of enterprises of all sizes, service providers and HPC environments with the intelligence, agility, simplicity and high- performance needed now, and the scalability to meet future requirements.

About Extreme Networks Products

Beginning with a strong ecosystem that is flexible, secure, and efficient, Extreme Networks provides a family of switching and routing products that exceeds all expectations for building the network needed to meet the demands of a small business or large enterprise. From the cost effective K-Series to the premier enterprise S-Series, from Black Diamond to Summit series, Extreme Networks leads the way for your network.

Extreme Networks S-Series
The premier enterprise flow-based switch

he Extreme Networks S-Series family of flow-based switches brings high performance distributed switching to the network access layer, distribution layer, enterprise/campus core, and data center. The S-Series family consists of the 8-slot S8, 6-slot S6, 4-slot S4, 3-slot S3, 1-slot S1A chassis and the fixed configuration S-Series Stand Alone (SSA). The S-Series delivers some of the highest switching port densities per rack unit available in the market and is future- proofed and scalable to provide overall system capacities of up to nine and a half Terabits. All chassis support 802.3af and 802.3at (high power) standards-based PoE and PoE+ via an integrated or field installable power system. There are a variety of I/O modules designed and optimized for deployment at the network access layer, distribution layer, network core and data center that provide a broad array of connectivity options for copper and fiber cabling infrastructures.

Extreme Networks K-Series
A cost-effective, flow-based modular switch

he Extreme Networks K-Series is the most cost-effective, flow-based switching solution in the industry. Providing exceptional levels of automation, visibility and control from the network edge to the small enterprise core, these flexible, modular switches significantly reduce operational costs while still offering premium features.

The K-Series is built upon the Extreme Networks CoreFlow2 custom ASIC. This cornerstone switching technology provides greater visibility into critical business applications and the ability to enable better controls to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) demanded by the business.

Designed to address the challenges associated with a growing demand for access to new applications and services, the K-Series protects businesses traffic and supports changing operational needs. This includes the consumerization of IT and "bring your own device" programs that require more robust location, identification, visibility and overall management capabilities. The K-Series is uniquely suited to intelligently manage individual user, device and application conversations, as well as to provide the visibility and management to troubleshoot connectivity issues, locate devices, and ensure protection of corporate data.

Extreme Networks BlackDiamond X8
Cloud-Scale Data Center Switch

Extreme Networks' BlackDiamond X8 platform, provides seamless any-to-any connectivity at the hardware layer of SDA through a simple, scalable, and centrally orchestrated network.

Designed for the cloud-scale requirements for Enterprises, Data Centers, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data Analytics, and Internet Exchange Points (IXP), the BlackDiamond X8 provides a low-latency, high performance switch fabric with high-density connectivity solutions ranging from 100MbE to 100GbE, speeds, all in a compact footprint of one-third of a rack. Powered with advanced features the BlackDiamond X8 eliminates the use of expensive multi-tier architectures and the associated challenges of inter-device connectivity, up/downlink bandwidth, and latency. The BlackDiamond X8 also leverages a low-power design ideal for green operations and high degrees of energy efficiency, resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Extreme Networks Summit X440 Series
Intelligent, cost-effective edge switching

The Extreme Networks Summit X440 series switches extend the intelligence and resiliency of the ExtremeXOS network operating system to the converged access edge, enabling fine grained Quality of Service (QoS), stacking, high availability features and identity aware security in a compact, cost effective switch.

Standards-based PoE/PoE+ support (802.3af / 802.3at) allows the Summit X440 series to support the large-scale rollout of converged network devices such as IP telephones, wireless access points as well as physical security devices such as video cameras.

With high density, low latency, line rate 10/100/1000 Ethernet, dedicated 10 Gbps stacking ports, available redundant power supplies, hardware-based IP support (IPv4 and IPv6) and rich Layer 2 to Layer 4 functionality in a compact, 1RU form factor, the Summit X440 also provides effective enterprise class network access.