HulaNet (Warranty, Response, & Support)

A HulaNet support contract will help you maintain a healthy and resilient network. It provides comprehensive support to improve your network performance, capacity, availability, reliability, and security. HulaNet also assists you in driving more value from your IT investment by extending the lifespan of your network assets.

Our items are sold new and pre-owned. All items are tested for 24 hours incoming and additional 24 hours outgoing from inventory. 1, 3, or 5 year warranties and support are available on all items.

  • Hula Networks HulaNet
    • Advanced replacement of defective equipment is included, often with next-day delivery based on equipment availability.
    • HulaNet footprint-maintains stock of network devices in multiple locations globally.
    • 8x5xNext Business Day technical support from Cisco/Juniper-Certified technicians is immediately available on all pre-owned or new equipment.
    • Lifetime support for OEM End-of Life Products

Terms and Conditions
  • RMA & Exchange SLA process
    At any time during the HulaNet warranty period following the issuance of an invoice, customer can return an item that has a manufacturing defect.

  • The Return Process is as Follows:
    1. Defective item identified
    2. Gather information regarding the original order. Required are: Customer Purchase order #, Purchase date, items Serial Number, Reason for return. Also helpful are Hula Networks original Quote# and or Invoice#.
    3. Contact your Hula Networks Sales Representative with the above information.
    4. Hula Networks will evaluate the request within 8 hours.
    5. Upon approval, an RMA # and return information will be communicated to customer.
    6. Also Upon approval, a replacement order will be processed using the original customer Purchase Order# followed by "Replacement".
    7. Delivery times of the replacement items will vary based on the item returned but typically is 24 Hours from the next day of the RMA Approval.
    8. Hula Networks must receive the RMA item within 5 days following the issuance of the RMA.

  • Warranty Excludes
    Warranty will apply not if the Hardware or Software has been altered or has been subjected to unreasonable physical, thermal or electrical stress, misuse, negligence, or accident.

    • Examples Include:
      • Water damage
      • Physical damage-i.e. Broken/bent pins on card or back plane, cracked, or bent card or chassis
      • Thermal Damage-charred semi-conductors, burnt circuit board
      • Electrical surge damage-charred, burnt power supplies