Networking Equipment Leasing and Asset Recovery

Hula Networks makes buying Networking Equipment easier than ever.

Hula Networks Inc. offers flexible leasing options for companies needing to fill demands for networking technology with limited capital.

Leasing is a great alternative for companies that need computer networking equipment for periods ranging from one year to five years, but want to conserve operating capital and minimize the upfront cost associated with a purchase.

  • Improve Cash Flow
    Leasing helps preserve your cash flow, freeing it up for opportunities, business operations, and unforeseen threats.
  • Tax Benefits
    Operating lease is treated as expenses and payments are 100% tax deductible. The equipment is not recorded as an asset, nor does it become a long-term liability. Instead it can be treated as an off balance sheet operating expense.
  • Lessen Obsolescence Risks
    Easily upgrade / refresh technology. A short term Operating Lease (3 years) allows you to replace or upgrade equipment, with much less capital cost than purchasing.

Approval / Upgrade Speed-Leasing can allow you to respond quickly to new opportunities with minimal documentation and red tape. We can approve your application within one or two days initiate your order very quickly. Hula Networks offers several leasing options. Many options do not require a significant down payment and offer fixed payments for the term of the lease.

  • Master Lease Lines of Credit
    This program gives you the flexibility to draw down from an existing lease total as your needs arise. This program provides piece of mind if you are looking to make multiple purchases over an extended period of time.
  • Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA)
    This program is a loan rather than a lease and provides favorable early buy out terms.
  • Step-up Lease
    Start off your lease with smaller payments while you ramp up your business.

Have questions? Need a quote?

For more information about Hula Networks equipment leasing programs, including product availability and pricing, contact a Hula Networks Inc leasing specialist at 1-866-HULANET or email for more information.