Why buy Hula Certified Pre-Owned Network Hardware?

  • Savings
    Hula Networks discount varies from 30% to 90% off list/retail price depending on the series and manufacturer of the product, as well as the available supply. Legacy products carry deeper discounts. Contact Hula Networks for specific pricing.
  • Trade In & Trade Up
    The Certified Pre-owned title is awarded only to those networking products which pass meticulous inspection. Hula Networks Certified Pre-owned truly is a smart way to expand your IT budget. Hula Networks will apply the value of your legacy IT hardware toward the purchase of new IT Equipment.
  • Quality: Like New
    All Hula Networks products go through 12 step quality assurances testing before being accepted into our AFR (available for Resale) inventory. Many items in our inventory were purchased from over capacities and were never opened or deployed. Every item we sell is backed by a 30 day warranty with 1 year extended warranties available.
  • Delivery: Usually Overnight
    Hula Networks hardware inventory is the most extensive in the industry. We carry substantial inventories of Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks and Juniper Networks equipment. Our extensive AFR (available for Resale) inventory is available to you overnight. Because of our extensive customer and supplier relationships any equipment not in inventory is usually available within a few days.

Why should I buy networking equipment from Hula Networks?

  • All Hula Networks hardware & equipment is fully tested and comes with a standard 30 day warranty. All products are eligible for one year extended warrantees.
  • All products Hula sells are discounted 30% to 85% off retail pricing! Let Hula Networks help you stretch your IT budget.
  • Hula Networks carries a large volume of Hula certified pre-owned and new open box Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Foundry and Sun Micro. Most orders ship out of our warehouse the same day.
  • Over 40 Years combined industry experience ensures our customers that we have the know how to get you the right product on time every time.
  • Over 1000 satisfied customers worldwide including some of the largest companies in the U.S.
  • 12 point pre-owned inspection process assures you of high quality, reliable products.
  • Headquartered in high tech Silicon Valley allows Hula Networks to source equipment from some of the most technology conscious companies in the world.

How can you assure the highest quality?

Hula Networks 12 Point certification process assures Quality! We refuse any products that can not conform to the following tests and procedures.

  • In addition to the above 12 point Certification Process Hula Networks Inc. will perform the following for all orders:
    • Verify that all cards are recognized in chassis running on specific IOS.
    • Verify that the cards are 100% functional while running specific IOS.
    • Verify and use the most recent built card if a build date is available and an option.
    • Latest revision available
    • Power all DC power supplies with -48v
    • Power cycle both power supplies 10 times
    • Verify that the LED is green and the chassis boots up
    • All cards to be run with the specified software version for a minimum of 48 hours