Wireless Solutions

Whether you are deploying wireless in Education, Manufacturing, Medical,or Business verticals, Hula Networks Professional Services offer a wide array of solutions to meet your needs. From wireless site survey's to analysis, design, configuration and installation, our highly trained professional wireless services team ensures efficient, skillful and knowledgeable delivery on each phase of your wireless project.

Hula Networks wireless engineering team provides a number of professional services options. Our experienced engineers can design your new wireless network using leading edge virtualization tools. We can provide project management for your entire WLAN installation.

Don't leave anything to chance. Call Hula Networks today and get a second opinion before spending another dollar on your wireless network.

  • Wireless Services Overview
    • Indoor Wireless Network Design
    • Outdoor Wireless Network Design
    • RF Spectrum Analysis
      • Standard RF Spectrum Analysis
      • Detailed RF Spectrum Analysis
    • Pre-Installation Site Survey
      • Design Validation
      • Installation Plans
    • Network Architecture Design
    • Hardware Configuration
      • Point-to-Point Link -Site Survey
      • Point-to-Point Link -Hardware Configuration
      • Point-to-Point Link -Installation
    • Cabling and Hardware Installation
    • WLAN Troubleshooting
    • Post-Installation Site Survey
      • Installation Validation Report
      • Troubleshooting / Gap Analysis

Pre-Installation Site Survey

A Pre-Installation Site Survey is required on some installation projects in order to determine the unique RF properties of the site prior to design. It may be required to create an Installation Plans report.

Design Validation

Some projects will require a Design Validation Site Survey. During this survey an engineer will be onsite with wireless radios and measuring equipment to verify the actual RF characteristics of the in-scope areas of the project.

Installation Plans

The Installation Plans report is a detailed document that will provide enough information to allow a qualified low voltage contractor to bid or install the specified wireless network. All access point installation locations will be individually documented. Cabling requirements will be specified from the access point to the wiring closet. Consideration will be taken for aesthetics and local building code. Access Point locations will be labeled in accordance with the Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Design report

Post-Installation Site Survey

A Post-Installation Site Survey is required when documentation of a completed wireless network is required.

Installation Validation Report

The Installation Validation Report is a comprehensive heatmap based document that records the existing 802.11 wireless environment. This document will validate that the installation is performing up to the specifications set forth by both the customer and 802.11 standards.

Troubleshooting / Gap Analysis / Remediation

A Troubleshooting / Gap Analysis / Remediation repot documents any gaps in RF coverage within the in scope area. Heatmaps will be analyzed for complete coverage of RF signal and any area below the project design specifications will be called out.

If gaps exist remediation of the wireless network will be performed and an Installation Plan document will be created to allow the network to be brought into compliance.

RF Spectrum Analysis

A survey will be performed to record the existing RF environment and a report will be generated to document normal and (or) potentially detrimental levels of RF interference. Two levels of granularity are available.

General RF Spectrum Analysis

In the General RF Spectrum Analysis report, results will be generalized and reported as a whole. Only significant RF noise and interference sources will be called out and information given as to the type and severity of interference in the environment.

Detailed RF Spectrum Analysis

In the Detailed RF Spectrum Analysis report, any RF noise and interference sources will be located and specifically identified with enough detail that the customer can locate and remove the interferer if desired. Additional information will be provided on the type and severity of interference found in the environment, if any.

Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Design

The Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Design document will be a detailed report identifying access point / point to point bridge radio installation locations as determined by a wireless design engineer. This document will include predictive heatmaps as well as installation locations and requirements for the specified equipment.

Indoor Wireless Design

Based on the customer specifications, Pre-Installation Site Survey, and building floor plans, a design will be created by experienced wireless engineers that will meet the project design specifications. The delivered report will be a heatmap based document that will display the coverage provided by the placed access point radios.

Outdoor Wireless Design

Installation requirements can be unique for outdoor wireless access point radios and additional survey time may be required. Measuring coverage in an outdoor environment can be tricky and each location will be tested to ensure that the wireless network will be installed and perform properly. The deliverable reports will be similar to the Indoor Wireless Design documentation.

Network Architecture Design

If required Hula Networks can design the required network infrastructure for a wireless installation. Most installations will be folded into an existing wired network infrastructure however occasionally a wireless project will be installed at a location where no network exists.

Hula Networks will create the required network infrastructure documentation. The design will include detailed configuration information on routers, switches, VLAN's, etc. as required. Additionally a visual representation of the architecture will be created. The results of this work are used in configuring the wireless network equipment for the project.

Hardware Configuration

Hardware Configuration can be done either onsite or offsite. Either in conjunction with a Hula Networks installation or separately.

Hardware Configuration may be done in conjunction with a Hula Networks Installation. In this case the configuration may be performed onsite while our crew is installing hardware.

Configure and Ship

The Configure and Ship option can be used when Hula Networks is not installing the wireless network. All related hardware will be updated, configured, labeled, and all documentation will be created in the Hula Networks Engineering Lab prior to shipping to the customer site. The Configure and Ship documentation will include all serial numbers, usernames, passwords, and any additional information required for the customers IT engineers to access and understand the hardware configuration performed.

Cabling and Hardware Installation

Hula Networks has licensed cabling contractors on staff to perform anything from indoor Access Point and controller installations to outdoor point to point links. Licenses include both low voltage and electrical.

The crew has experience with all types of installations from rooftops to crawlspaces. Building aesthetics and codes are always taken into account so that the wireless network is installed properly but without creating an eyesore.