Cutting Edge Data Center Solutions

Does your data center stack up against your competitors?

If your data center strategy simply means deploying the latest technologies from the biggest network vendors in the industry you may be missing the boat. Cutting-edge data centers deploy best of breed manufacturers to gain leverage over their nearest competitors.

Hula Networks offers options of new and pre-owned equipment - or a combination of both - ensuring your data center is filled with optimal technology at a cost that fits your budget.

Hula offers new and used equipment ...or a combination of both

By simply deploying whatever your OEM's sales engineers tell you to deploy you are leaving a lot of money on the table. The data center is the central nervous system of your organization and nothing here can be left to chance.

Hula networks will work with you and your team to deploy the most cost effective, power efficient and reliable data center solutions on the planet. Our experience with multiple vendors ensures interoperability between multiple vendors.

Don't leave anything to chance. Call Hula Networks today and get a second opinion before spending another dollar on your data center.

  • Our Data Center Expertise includes:

    • Cabling
    • Racks of every Flavor and Size
    • Servers and blade servers
    • Network storage and backup
    • Network infrastructure
    • Virtualization
    • Core security
    • Network management and visibility tools
    • Reduce power and cooling - minimizing operational costs
    • Extend the utilization and life of existing assets - reducing capital expenditure
    • Support application acceleration for new user services
    • Optimize network performance and management
    • Secure assets against virtual and physical threats - minimizing business risk
    • Minimize downtime and preserve both user and customer experiences
    • Streamline business operations through new services

Consolidating your IT infrastructure can help you to gain greater control over your assets and future investments. Optimizing your existing infrastructure can deliver more dynamic services and reduce operating expenditure and minimize capital costs. Hula Networks can help you to develop and deliver a strategy that can transform your dispersed communications estate into a coherent, cohesive infrastructure.

Building Networks That Scale

Developing an effective Data Center strategy allows you to create a powerful business communications environment and also achieve significant cost and environmental benefits.

Hula Networks can help you examine your current working practices, IT services and user requirements audit your systems and develop a Data Center strategy that consolidates your existing assets and preserves your legacy investment, whilst moving towards a scalable, flexible long-term solution. Our solutions are designed to help you introduce the cost and efficiency advantages of virtualization and to enhance your network and physical security.

Our technology experts can also advise on the environmental aspects of your Data Center such as cooling, power and lighting, reducing your carbon emissions and operational costs. Our services cover the design, planning and implementation of your Data Center, including all aspects of network architecture, connectivity, integration and migration, as well as on-going Support, Maintenance and Managed Services.

Consolidation and Virtualization

Network sprawl occurs in many organizations and often leads to dispersed, complex IT infrastructures that are difficult to manage, costly to run and typically contain duplicated, under-utilised equipment.

By consolidating your communications infrastructure you can centralize your network, services and applications from one or more locations, bringing significant benefits to your business, including greater manageability, security and cost control, minimising future investment and enabling you to improve your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption.

Under-utilization of resources is often a major factor impacting the operational costs of any organisation and especially in the provision of IT services. Traditional "one server, one application" models have led to server sprawl and creeping inefficiencies in IT infrastructures, often resulting in server utilisation levels of less than 20%. Using virtualisation technologies as part of your Data Center strategy can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your investment in servers and help you react more quickly to the demands of your organisation, allowing you to deploy new solutions more quickly.

Hula Networks has implemented many virtualized Data Center projects across the world, delivering tangible benefits to our customers.

Our service-led approach to deploying end-to-end Data Centers encompasses network, server and storage virtualisation solutions, dramatically reducing the number of devices needed to support the same applications and the space required to house the equipment. The introduction of new technologies such as blade servers, new switches and high speed interconnects can further substantially reduce the space and power requirements of the Data Center.

Hula Networks experts can help you to design and implement a virtualized solution for your Data Center, allowing you to make the most of your existing assets and introducing best-in-class technologies to improve efficiency and productivity.

Sustainable & Green Data Center Environments

Optimization and virtualization technologies allow a Next Generation Data Center to provide faster services on fewer devices, thereby further reducing space and energy requirements. Hula Networks can perform environmental audits and then plan your Data Center to reduce the amount of equipment required, helping to cut power, lighting and cooling.

Optimization of your network can also support the introduction of new communications services, such as Unified Communications and Mobility. These facilitate organisation-wide change and new working practices, allowing employees to collaborate without the need for travel, with its associated environmental impact.