High Quality Pre-owned Networking Equipment

Pre-owned Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Brocade and other leading manufacturers

Hula Networks makes it easier than ever to purchase both new and pre-owned networking equipment together from one reliable source.

Much like the popular hybrid vehicles of today more and more people are discovering the great economic value in pre-owned network equipment yet at the same time, may also require equipment with cutting-edge specifications for certain applications.

Hula Networks is the best of both worlds providing you the highest level of certification and engineering available with the best total cost of ownership. Hula Networks is the number one provider of pre-owned Cisco, and Juniper Networks equipment in the USA.

Both new and used networking equipment has its place in the market. However, with ROI (return on investment) always being the driving force of what you purchase and when, you cannot deny the value and benefits used network equipment has over new in many cases. Including: no lead times, all products both current models and older generation are readily available, lower DOA and return ratio than new equipment, and most importantly it cost less allowing you to maximize your budget

The pre-owned market has been one of Hula Network's focus markets for the past 10 years. We are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in the pros and cons of used verse new network equipment. In fact we have found that if the equipment is properly tested through our rigorous testing process, stored properly, and packaged under strict ESD guidelines before shipping to a customer, used network equipment preformed with far less failures or DOA's than new equipment.

The secondary network equipment market has been around for well over 28 years now and it has proven its value time and time again. Distribution channels have grown and are full of high-quality, current generation, and end-of-life hard to find equipment. In fact much of the pre-owned equipment we sell is unused and still in the sealed original manufactures box.

As one of the most reputable names in the business of pre-owned Cisco and Juniper equipment Hula Networks Inc prides ourselves on our reputation for quality products and services.

Standard 90 day hardware replacement warranty with every purchase

All Hula Networks pre-owned equipment is backed by Hula Networks Standard Warranty with Cisco Certified technicians available as needed. Both one and two year extended warranties are available on all pre-owned network equipment.

No Lead Times

Hula stocks over $25 million in inventory of high demand pre-owned routers, switches, servers, network modules, Cisco memory, Juniper memory, GBICS, rack mounts and accessories from leading manufactures including Cisco, Juniper, Extreme Switches, Foundry Networks, Ixia, and Smartbits, Dell, HP, and others. All products in stock are fully tested, packaged, and safely shipped to you overnight on demand.

Maximize your IT Budget

In addition to the huge savings you enjoy when purchasing pre-owned, Cisco and Juniper equipment via Hula Networks Inc (up to 95% off the list price) you can also lower your total cost of ownership by purchasing "hot swappable spares" rather than costly maintenance contracts. Leverage your in end-of-life or depreciated used routers, switches, or other network equipment, by selling it to Hula Networks for cash or trade. Extend the life of your non-operational equipment with the help of our highly trained engineers offering board level repair services.