Wireless Site Survey

A wireless site survey is typically the first step in the enginering process associated with planning a wireless network for a particular environment. A survey ensures that the specific requirements are met for optimal WiFi coverage, quality of service and capacity.

Every wireless network project we've engineered in the Bay Area and Nationwide has had differing requirements and this is why we not only survey the environment starting from a detailed study of your floor plan and a structural analysis of building features but we also take into consideration wireless congestion and potential wireless signal interference when making a recommendation.

Hula Networks highly trained professional services team ensures your wireless projects will meet your goals.

Pre-Installation Wireless Site Survey

A Pre-Installation RF Site Survey is required on some installation projects in order to determine the unique RF properties of the site prior to design. It may be required to create an Installation Plans report.

Design Validation

Some projects will require a Design Validation Site Survey. During this survey an engineer will be onsite with wireless radios and measuring equipment to verify the actual RF characteristics of the in-scope areas of the project.

Installation Plans

The Installation Plans report is a detailed document that will provide enough information to allow a qualified low voltage contractor to bid or install the specified wireless network. All access point installation locations will be individually documented. Cabling requirements will be specified from the access point to the wiring closet. Consideration will be taken for aesthetics and local building code. Access Point locations will be labeled in accordance with the Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Design report

Post-Installation Wireless Site Survey

A Post-Installation Site Survey is required when documentation of a completed wireless network is required.

Installation Validation Report

The Installation Validation Report is a comprehensive heatmap based document that records the existing 802.11 wireless environment. This document will validate that the installation is performing up to the specifications set forth by both the customer and 802.11 standards.

Troubleshooting / Gap Analysis / Remediation

A Troubleshooting / Gap Analysis / Remediation repot documents any gaps in RF coverage within the in scope area. Heatmaps will be analyzed for complete coverage of RF signal and any area below the project design specifications will be called out.

If gaps exist remediation of the wireless network will be performed and an Installation Plan document will be created to allow the network to be brought into compliance.