RF Site Survey - RF Spectrum Analysis

Also known as a Wireless Site Survey, a RF survey will be performed to record the existing RF environment and a report will be generated to document normal and (or) potentially detrimental levels of RF interference.

Every wireless network project we've engineered has had differing requirements and this is why we not only survey the environment starting from a detailed study of your floor plan and a structural analysis of building features but we also take into consideration wireless congestion and potential wireless signal interference when making a recommendation.

Hula Networks highly trained professional services team ensures your wireless projects will meet your goals.

RF Site Survey - Spectrum Analysis

Two levels of granularity are available.

General RF Spectrum Analysis

In the General RF Spectrum Analysis report, results will be generalized and reported as a whole. Only significant RF noise and interference sources will be called out and information given as to the type and severity of interference in the environment.

Detailed RF Spectrum Analysis

In the Detailed RF Spectrum Analysis report, any RF noise and interference sources will be located and specifically identified with enough detail that the customer can locate and remove the interferer if desired. Additional information will be provided on the type and severity of interference found in the environment, if any.