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Hula Networks is an authorized Nimble Storage reseller that offers a complete best of breed storage and networking equipment solutions that include new and used networking equipment.

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Nimble Storage was founded by a team of industry veterans who developed groundbreaking primary storage and deduplication architectures at several market-leading storage companies. Their experience has given Nimble a unique perspective to solving the industry's most pressing storage issues: reining in storage complexity, reducing costs, and implementing affordable backup and recovery. The Nimble approach is based on the concept of converged storage, backup, and disaster recovery. It replaces an enterprise's expensive high-RPM drives with a hybrid architecture that combines high-performance flash memory with low-cost, high-density SATA drives. And by deploying a second Nimble array in an off-site location, enterprises of any size can now obtain a complete, cost-effective data protection solution incorporating WAN-efficient primary-to-primary replication