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Nokia 7750 Routers

In an era of soaring network traffic and fluctuating demands, operators face the challenge of delivering ever-higher performance while rapidly deploying new services on a secure, self-protecting network. The Nokia 7750 Series of Service Routers tackles these critical objectives, empowering operators to construct a larger, secure, automated, and environmentally sustainable network that yields a superior return on investment.

Empowered by Nokia's advanced 6.0 Tb/s FP5 and 3.0 Tb/s FP4 silicon, the 7750 SR-s effectively addresses the pressing needs of modern networks. It empowers operators to establish a scalable, secure, automated, and highly efficient network. Offering platforms ranging from 1.6 Tb/s full duplex (FD) to an impressive 216 Tb/s FD, the 7750 SR-s ensures power-efficient performance certainty, making it ideal for demanding network applications. Furthermore, it supports a versatile array of port speeds and optic types, including 800G QSFP-DD, 400G QSFP-DD, 400G QSFP112, 100G SFP-DD, 100G QSFP, 400G QSFP, 100G QSFP28, and CFP2-DCO, facilitating high-density interfaces from 800GE down to 10GE, along with robust hardware support for 1.6 Tb/s flows. Explore and purchase these advanced networking solutions from Hula Networks to enhance your network infrastructure.

Nokia 7750 SR series Routers

The Nokia 7750 SR series of IP routers delivers high performance with the speed, capacity, power efficiency, flexible capability, network security and automation tools essential for IP networking in the 5G and cloud era. With continuous design innovation and proven investment protection, the 7750 SR helps build an IP network that can evolve with changing needs for years to come.

Nokia 7750 SR-a series Routers

The Nokia 7750 SR series of IP routers offers top-tier performance, combining speed, capacity, power efficiency, flexibility, network security, and automation tools vital for thriving in the 5G and cloud-driven era of IP networking. Through ongoing design advancements and a track record of safeguarding investments, the 7750 SR facilitates the creation of an adaptable IP network, capable of evolving alongside shifting requirements for many years ahead.

Nokia 7750 SR-e series Routers

The Nokia 7750 SR-a series of IP routers provides an all-encompassing feature set, platform adaptability, and a space-efficient design, making them indispensable for thriving in the 5G and cloud-centric era of IP networking. The 7750 SR product family encompasses the 7750 SR-s series, 7750 SR series, 7750 SR-a series, and 7750 SR-e series.

Nokia 7750 SR-s series Routers

The Nokia 7750 SR-s series of IP routers elevates edge and core routing to unprecedented levels. It offers the necessary elements for IP networking in the 5G and cloud era, including speed, capacity, power efficiency, flexible capabilities, network security, and automation tools. With a commitment to ongoing design enhancements and a track record of safeguarding investments, the 7750 SR-s facilitates the development of a resilient IP network that can adapt to evolving requirements over many years.