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Nokia 7250 Routers

The Nokia 7250 Interconnect Router (IXR) family is designed to meet the changing requirements influenced by the cloud, 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Comprising the IXR-10, IXR-6, and IXR-s1 routers, this family empowers robust interconnectivity, catering to high-scale demands in data centers and spanning across wide area networks (WANs) and aggregation networks in service provider, enterprise, and webscale settings.

Interconnect routers serve as valuable complements to IP edge and core router platforms, offering cost-effective enhancements to IP network architectures. The 7250 IXR provides a wide array of IP/MPLS, synchronization, and quality of service (QoS) features, with flexible traffic management encompassing substantial buffering, per-port queuing, shaping, and policing.

Nokia 7250 IXR-R Interconnect Routers

The Nokia 7250 Interconnect Router R-series (IXR-R-series)1 offers high port density in compact, modular, extended-temperature form factors. Routers in this series are ideal for IP anyhaul, aggregation, fixed-mobile convergence and mission-critical applications.

There are four platforms in the R-series: the 7250 IXR-R6dl, IXR-R6d, IXR-R6 and the IXR-R4. Using these routers, service providers can rapidly create and deploy new services while extending the lifetime of their existing infrastructure investment. Public and private enterprises can efficiently expand their aggregation networks

Nokia 7250 IXR-e Interconnect Routers

Routers in the Nokia 7250 Interconnect Router (IXR)-e series are used for access and aggregation and as 5G multi-access edge computing (MEC) leaf nodes. They are ideal for IP anyhaul and fixed-mobile convergence.

Nokia 7250 IXR-x Interconnect Routers

Nokia 7250 Interconnect Router-X series (IXR-X series) routers1 are high-speed, high-density 1RU platforms. They are ideal as leaf nodes in data centers and multi-access edge computing nodes and are valuable for access and aggregation as well as 5G interconnectivity.

There are three platforms in the IXR-X series: the 7250 IXR-Xs, 7250 IXR-X1 and 7250 IXR-X3. Using these routers, network operators can efficiently scale up bandwidth to prepare for future growth requirements.