Scott Hobin

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Hobin is a veteran in the IP data networking industry, with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record. Scott Hobin started his networking career in 1998 at a Gold value added reseller directly for Cisco Systems. He focused on data center and service provider networks from the core to the edge.

In 2000, he started Hula Networks. As a business owner his responsibilities and skill sets include:

Dynamic sales motivator driving multimillion-dollar sales revenues for more than 15 years. Quick to seize opportunity and adapt to market shifts in fast-paced, rapidly changing technology industry. Deliberate in managing short- and long-cycle sales processes with global clientele. Collaborative in mapping world-class business strategies.

  • Insightful in developing business solutions, communicating technical capabilities, and reaching understanding in complex, often multisided, transactions.
  • Perceptive in identifying business development opportunities and driving continuous revenue increases - delivered 50+% company revenue for past 8 years.
  • Quick to build rapport and nurture ongoing relationships. Confident in executive communication and presentations.

"A top-notch professional who moves mountains to remove roadblocks to doing business."
- Client Review

United Network Equipment Dealers Association (UNEDA) Treasurer, Omaha, NE 2013-2017 (Role concurrent with Hula Networks leadership.)

Alliance of more than 300 top used network hardware dealers establishing high standards and best practices for used network hardware industry. UNEDA

Served as treasurer for industry, non-profit association. Oversaw financial transactions, monitored account access and cash flow, developed annual budgets, and prepared operational reports. Met regulatory requirements and operational parameters. Chaired Finance Committee. Helped shape industry operational and quality standards.

  • Attained highest budget acceptance rating in organization history - 89%. Established realistic, 4-year operating budget, in wake of 10% membership drop, prior to taking office.
  • Boosted member confidence. Defined organization value; engaged and educated membership base, stemmed diminishing member rolls. Improved communications and informed membership regarding industry trends, changes, standards, and relevant regulations.
  • Managed membership dues; invoiced and recorded payments.


In Scott's free time he enjoys spending time with his family, photography, cooking, skiing, mountain biking and runs & endurance race series.


California State University Chico, Chico, CA Bachelor of Science (BS) Business Administration Emphasis in marketing and management




Here's what people who have worked with Scott have to say:

Trish Gardner Gilbert

Founder and CEO

May 15, 2018, Scott worked with Trish in the same group

I've had the pleasure of working on several committees with Scott over the past four years. Time and time again he proves to be a huge asset to the teams he's on, going above and beyond what's expected. I admire Scott's dedication and his willingness to take on the less glamorous roles, that don't always get the spotlight they deserve, but are crucial to the success of the project. Sign me up for anything Scott is associated with as I know it will be successful.

Macky Ruiz

IT Engineering at Cisco

May 8, 2018, Macky was a client of Scott's

Scott has always come through with our datacenter equipment needs and tight project deadlines. He's a great person to work with and would happily recommend as a supplier.

Dave Lin

MTS at Plume Design

February 28, 2018, Dave was a client of Scott's

Scott has always come through with our datacenter equipment needs and tight project deadlines. He's a great person to work with and would happily recommend as a supplier.

Craig Spiers

February 19, 2018, Craig was a client of Scott's

Purchased many routers and switches off Scott over the years and every time I've come out happy! Would recommend!

Emma Richardson

Field Marketing Manager at OneAccess, an Ekinops Company

February 19, 2018, Craig was a client of Scott's

I have been working with Scott in a supplier-client relationship for the past few years . I have always received excellent support from Scott and the team at Hula Networks. Scott takes a pro-active approach and is very knowledgeable in his field of business. I recommend working with Scott and team.

Meghan McCoy

Senior Associate at The Pew Charitable Trusts

February 6, 2018, Scott worked with Meghan in the same group

I had the pleasure to serve on the UNEDA Board of Directors at the same time as Mr. Hobin. He was an excellent model of leadership, consensus building and strategic planning. In his capacity as Treasurer he provided a clear picture of our organizations capacity to accomplish our goals and ensure our member dollars were well directed with a strong return on investment. From Lobbying dollars to philanthropic giving Mr. Hobin was a guiding light providing the confidence we needed to consistently accomplish our mission.

Ruy Cuadra

VP of Operations at

January 30, 2018, Scott worked with Ruy in the same group

I have been working with Scott since he founded the Hula Networks Pinata fundraiser in Nicaragua in 2012. He does a tremendous job fundraising, organizing and executing on all levels. Not only has he raised over $24,000 thousands of dollars since he started, you will also find him interacting with the kids and elderly at the actual events. Scott is an empathetic leader who is not afraid to get his hands dirty to put on a successful fundraiser for a region and people who really need it. He is an asset to any organization.

Eric Dugas

Carrier relations, Peering and Interconnections, Director of Network Operations

January 25, 2018, Eric was a client of Scott's

I've done business with Scott for the past five years and it was always a pleasure to work with him or his team!

Pat McKool

Owner, Market Network Solutions, Inc.

January 25, 2018, Pat worked with Scott but at different companies

I have been doing business with Scott since 2002 and he as always been a trusted supplier of network equipment including Cisco and Juniper devices. All around Hula Networks is great company to do business with!

Merri Opdyke

Channel Development Manager

January 25, 2018, Merri reported directly to Scott

With limited experience in the Technology field, I went to Hula Networks to expand my knowledge of the network. Although working indirectly with Scott, his expertise with the network and his willingness to help was instrumental in the growth that I needed to move to the next level. I enjoyed my time with Hula and look forward to crossing paths in the near future.

Lyle Gore

Managing Director at Ethos Dynamics

January 24, 2018, Scott worked with Lyle in the same group

Over the last 6 years, I have have worked with Scott as a customer, vendor and served on the UNEDA Board of Directors with him. Scott's professionalism and technical sales abilities are second to none and his customer service is stellar. If you have needs for your infrastructure, Scott is an asset to have in your corner.

Jeff Chagaris

Helping enterprises transform their next generation data platforms

January 24, 2018, Scott worked with Jeff in the same group

Scott is a very diligent professional who knows how to solve customer and business problems. We worked together on a sales team in the electronics space and he always finished as one of the top performers. I would recommend Scott for leadership positions due to his ability to manage people as well as products and strategy.

Derek DeBono

International Networking Specialist

January 24, 2018, Derek was a client of Scott's

Scott has repeatedly come through for me, my team, and my end users to help us deliver the perfect solution on-time and with substantial cost savings. He is an integral part of my vendor portfolio.

Peggy Prendergast

Senior marketing professional focused on increasing customer acquisitions and retention through multi channel campaigns

January 24, 2018, Scott worked with Peggy in the same group

Scott's insight, easy going nature and ability to provide logical solutions to the challenges our non profit organization faces are highly valued. Scott is able to listen to everyone's perspective, assimilate the information and recommend a viable plan of action that encompasses a multitude of opinions. This is an extremely unique skill to possess. Since most professionals work in teams during the majority of our careers, I consider myself fortunate to work on Scott's team and learn from him.

Marcel Bößendörfer

CEO at marbis GmbH

January 24, 2018, Marcel was a client of Scott's

We have been doing business with Hula Networks since 2015. Scott's professionalism and high level of customer service makes dealing with him such a pleasure. We are looking forward to doing more business with him this year.

Stefano Bosio

Network engineering, Texor

January 22, 2018, Stefano worked with Scott but at different companies

I have the pleasure to work with Scott for more than 5 years and everytime I found him ready, professional and always with a quick response. he is always available to find a solution and help in doing business. Great man with great staff to work with.

Peter Herschkorn

VP of Sales at Mosaic NetworX, LLC.

August 10, 2015, Peter was a client of Scott's

Scott and I have done business together periodically over the years. Recently I had a customer moving into a new office over the weekend. It ended up they had the wrong equipment to support their network interface. It was crucial requirement, as they were going to have an office full of people show up Monday morning. I reached out to Scott on a Saturday, he called me back in minutes and worked with my customer to resolve their issue and deliver the equipment needed that same day. In the fast pace world of IT Infrastructure where application knowledge is crucial just as important is the effort you put forth the delivery results which truly impact your customers and put them in a position to succeed. Thank you for your effort Scott, it made all the difference.

James Rogers

Value Recovery Specialist at TES-AMM

January 15, 2018, Scott was a client of James

I've had the pleasure of doing business with Scott for nearly 10 years. He is a sales professional that understands the value of mutually beneficial relationships as a foundation for long term success. Scott's leadership style is clearly evident in the positive enthusiasm of the great people that make up his team.

Karl Roessler

Network and Security Team

August 10, 2015, Karl was a client of Scott's

Scott helped us out the weeknd of 08/08/2015. He took time out of his day with his family to get us the needed equipment to get our network project back on track. I recommend Scott highly and look further to do further business with his company.

Philip Erdeljohn

Senior Security Consultant, CISSP, PCIP, QSA, CISCO

February 26, 2015, Philip worked with Scott in different groups

Scott is an immense pleasure to work with. He is always working to find a solution that fits his customer best, and is always accommodating. Scott's ability to tap into his portfolio of highly skilled staff makes him an extremely valuable partner when it comes to broad or specific equipment needs. His very easy going and personal demeanor is a great plus, but Scott is all business.

Taylor Smith

Providing top talent in the nation, to the leading health organizations in the nation.

December 28, 2014, Taylor worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott and his team are amazing to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and is a great leader not only to his company, but to UNEDA, and the industry alike. It is always a pleasure to work with Scott, and I look forward to continue doing business with him.

Steve Anderson

Territory Sales Manager (Wireless and Thermal Systems) at Laird

September 17, 2013, Steve worked with Scott but at different companies

I work with Scott frequently on customer requirements and support renewals. I have always found him to be responsive and thorough and recommend him wholeheartedly!

Pedro Castillo

Global Sales Engineer Manager at Hula Networks

May 10, 2013, Scott worked with Pedro in the same group

Scott is a dedicated Sales guru who can get things done quickly and reliably. Among many other things, Scott is not afraid to get his hands dirty deploying a solution, testing or just delivering equipment to a customer. Scott is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Gunnar Wolff


April 23, 2013, Gunnar worked with Scott but at different companies

It is great to know Scott and Hula Networks , fantastic company profile and extreme knowledge of the industry. Looking forward to doing more business with this company and Scott directly.

Tamara Holbrook

Benefits/HRIS/Payroll Administrator

November 26, 2012, Tamara worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott is very knowledgable in the network field; and most of all very considerate and professional.

Lance Wilder


August 21, 2012, Scott was a client of Lance's

Scott has always had a great attitude when we do business together. He approaches work like an opportunity to make friends with whomever he talks to. He's always fair and honest; transparent, even. He is knowledgeable and precise. It's always been my pleasure to work with Scott.

Matt Eclavea

Senior Network Engineer at Roblox

April 10, 2012, Matt worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott worked with me on several occasions to acquire critical test equipment infrastructure. Usually the sales process was done during tight budget restrictions and specific hardware configuration and each time Scott was able to work with me on both budget/dollar amounts, as well as meeting our HW configuration requirements. Each time I have needed other vendor test gear, I have chosen Scott and his team as the first choice each time. Even under situations where other vendors have been in the mix, Scott was completely professional and understanding. I would gladly recommend Scott's services, flexibility, and attention to detail to anyone looking for vendor test gear.

Nathaniel Bernadeau

Gallant Systems, LLC

February 27, 2012, Nathaniel worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott is a great person to work with.

Bobby Mahmoudi

Bay Area Account Executive at Dell Networks

February 22, 2012, Scott worked with Bobby in the same group

Scott is top-notch professional who moves mountains to remove roadblocks to doing business. He makes relationships move forward whether they are burring rocket fuel or being pulled by horse and buggy. I found him to have integrity, to be personable, he's trustworthy, very knowledgeable about his product and highly valuable resource. I would not hesitate to take his call related to any product or services he may represent.

Shaun Risley

Database & Data Mgmt at SAP

February 22, 2012, Scott was a client of Shaun's

Scott is a very dedicated and loyal friend whose hard work and ethical compass always positions himself, and his company, in the right light to help clients reach their corporate objectives. He has always put his client's needs before any of the needs of his organization and is the type of business partner that everyone would want on their team. I would recommend Scott and his organization for any client who is looking for a trusted adviser in trying to orientate their IT infrastructure and build strong lasting business relationships.

Jon Hudson

Principal Engineer, Public Speaker & Futurist

February 22, 2012, Jon worked with Scott but at different companies

There are actually few humans on this planet that I have known longer than Scott. I would say my favorite thing about Scott is that you would never know working with him today at Hula, that he is one of Hula's founders. No ego, no pretense. Total customer focus. His long hours, responsiveness to customers, dedication to quality, willingness to do anything and everything to make it right is truly impressive. Happily I don't have to buy networking gear anymore, but if I did, I would get it all from Scott.

William Roddy

Network Specialist at Hula Networks

February 21, 2012, William worked with Scott but at different companies

Mr. Scott provides great customer support, he recommends the product a client needs and provides a great price for that product. I recommend Scott and his company Hula Networks to any small or big company in need of network solutions

Guy Fernandes

Owner, Network International, Inc.

February 16, 2012, Guy was a client of Scott's

Quality in service, Reliable & Expertise, to name just a few, would best describe Scott. After 10+ years dealing with Scott, without a glitch, I guess you can say the guy is solid.

Steve Hope

Associate Superintendent at Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District

February 16, 2012, Steve was a client of Scott's

I worked with Scott on VOIP project for a public high school district. I found him to be very repsonsive every time we interacted. He always successfully engaged in finding solutions to any problem rather than offer explanations about why something couldn't be done.

Sharat Janga

Senior Director Engineering Leadership

February 15, 2012, Scott was a client of Sharat's

The recommendation is for Scott Hobin at Hula Networks. I came in touch with Scott nearly 3 years back and started working with him on various equipment needs for the Interoperability. He has always been lightening fast in providing updates on the requests that came from me. He is an easy person to work with and he is on top of the various trends in the Industry; I remember a situation where we were planning to deal with a platform X and he provided a better recommendation of product Y. This really made a good difference for my team. He is very social person and do make sure that his clients are treated well. Wish you all the best.

Jason Heldt

Independent Market Research Professional

February 15, 2012, Jason worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott is a beacon of reliability, who takes the time to notice and enjoy life. This translates into a hard working, responsible professional who will leave a lasting impression.

Elliott Lothrop

Principal QA Engineer at Good Technology

February 14, 2012, Elliott reported directly to Scott

I had the privilege of working with Scott Hobin as an Account Manager with Hula Networks. Scott Hobin is proactive, customer-service oriented, responsible and efficient employee/CFO always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. Scott Hobin is a great asset/Mentor to Hula and Any other company doing business with and or for.

Kevin McCann

President & CEO at Executive Strategy Group, LLC and Lead-Launcher

February 8, 2012, Kevin managed Scott directly

Scott is a very likeable and motivated hard-worker. He handles challenges in a professional and cool headed way and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is a quick learner and adapts to a rapidly changing environment very quickly. When I hired him in the late 90's, we asked him to perform a job in technology sales that was a bit outside of his comfort zone, but he handled it like a champ and became one of our top performers! He builds long-term relationships with his customers and partners. Scott's motivation, discipline and determination enabled him to continue raising the bar for himself and others, and led him to starting, running and succeeding in his own company that he continues to run with his partners today! Scott is an inspiration and, despite his success, carries himself in a very humble way. I highly recommend Scott as a vendor, partner or friend!!

Chris Fenton

Regional Sales Manager @ CrowdStrike Services

February 8, 2012, Chris was a client of Scott's

Scott was a channel partner for the product I was representing. Scott was very prompt and reliable for following up with potential customers. Scott also managed every deal from inception to close, all while being courteous and trustworthy. I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to purchase technology gear.

Philippe Violette


February 8, 2012, Philippe worked with Scott but at different companies

I've worked with Scott for over 5 years and have continually been impressed with his business savvy and professionalism.

David Haffner

Manager at Records By Mail

February 8, 2012, David worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott is great: organized, efficient, energetic, and personable. Would love to have reason to work with him in the future.

Kevin Allen

Assistant Project Manager at Johnstone Moyer, Inc.

April 28, 2011, Kevin worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott is a great guy, always upbeat and has that "go-for-it" attitude. Honest and trustworthy, a true team player and a great friend.

Mike Vigoren

Network Product Manger/Sales

November 19, 2010, Scott was a client of Mike's

Scott is a class act all the way.

Mark Rice

Owner of Mister Paint Fine Bay Area Painting

December 7, 2009, Scott worked with Mark in the same group

Scott is a great guy with a fantastic work ethic. Scott and I worked at Furture Electronics together were I would go to Scott for ideas and recommendation when handling certain account situations. I would be happy to endorse Scott on any opportunities that may arise for him.

Lin Adlin


December 3, 2009, Scott was a client of Lin's

I worked on a number of projects with Scott, and found him to be extremely professional. I can say without hesitation that Scott is a valuable asset to Hula and to any company that employs him.

Lou Nguyen

Supply Chain Management

November 24, 2009, Lou worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott was my account rep during my tenure at Amtech Microelectronics. Scott is a sharp and ambitious account rep. Scott has always been quick to help when I have needed fast answers for my customers. It's always a pleasure working with him as he brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the job. He knows how to understand the needs of customer and how to gather the right resources to help make them more successful.

Derek Kidd

Sales Engineer at Diablo Sales

November 23, 2009, Derek was a client of Scott's

Scott and I worked closely together servicing several accounts in the electronics industry. He is an outstanding partner bringing vigor and enthusiasm to his responsibilities. There was always open honest communication, a high degree of professionalism and competency as well as a 'can do' spirit that seemed to affect many of his colleagues. I also had the opportunity to work with him as a customer of Hula Networks and was doubly impressed, but not surprised, by his ability to determine our IT needs, recommend several solutions and help us select the most cost effective solution. I would recommend Scott as both a business partner or service provider without hesitation.

Patrick Shields

Enterprise Account Manager at Symantec

November 18, 2009, Patrick worked with Scott in different groups

Scott is knowledgeable and professional. He is a trusted advisor and a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Zis

Senior Global Commodity Manager at Flex (Flextronics)

November 18, 2009, Kevin was senior to Scott but didn't manage directly

I had the pleasure of working along side Scott when he was a fairly new sales person in high tech. I found Scott to be mature and composed well beyond his years, and knew he was going to be a successful and valuable asset to any company. He is easy to get along with, and always willing to help those in need.

Tony Laskar

Founder & CEO U.K. & ASIA

November 17, 2009, Tony was senior to Scott but didn't manage directly

Working with Scott was extremely fun. We trained together in Montreal and without question, Scott set the standards in regards to sales. He grasped the technology and pitch quicker than most. A great guy and his hunger for success, is his strength. His commercial acumen is second to none.

Dave Burns

Client Executive at VMware

November 17, 2009, Scott worked with Dave in the same group

I have worked with Scott in different roles and relationships for over 10 years. Scott is extremely professional and maintains a detail oriented customer focus. Scott has exceptional follow through and delivers on commitments. I highly recommend him.

Steve Robinson

CO-Founder Hula Networks

October 29, 2008, Scott worked with Steve in the same group

Scotty is one of the most consistent people I know. He suits up and shows up every day and always gives his all. He works hard for his clients and co-workers. I highly reccommend Scott Hobin.

Steven Faggiolly, AIF

Managing Director, Northern California at Strategic Retirement Partners

March 7, 2008, Scott was a client of Steven's

Scott and I have worked together for 7 years now and his integrity and genuine attitude are always on display to clients and colleagues alike. The growth of Hula Networks is a testament to the kind of professional, knowledgeable and stand-up person that he is.

Farzad Mobin

Owner and Principal at Renaissance Arts Collective

March 2, 2008, Farzad worked with Scott but at different companies

Scott is one of those guys that has access to info and supplies that no one else does. Turn around is quick and satisfaction is high. I recommend him for buying your telecom gear.

Dan Gravelle

Partner, CFO Particeps

February 22, 2008, Dan was senior to Scott but didn't manage directly

I had the privilege of working with Scott during an explosive growth time (500% annual growth rate) at an undercapitalized startup VAR. Scott was one of the top salesmen in the firm, seldom out of the top 5%, always a pleasure to work with. Even when orders had to held up, as a result of my needing to negotiate additional credit terms to finance our work capital growth, Scott was able to meet customer needs, expectations and keep them returning. It was clearly at these times when Scott demonstrated the meaning of "Value" in value added reseller (VAR). I highly recommend Scott, his firm and his ability to meet/exceed customer/client demands/requirements.