Joe Commendatore

Co-Founder | CEO 2001-2018

As a passionate entrepreneur, I love to build things and help people while making the world better. That’s why I first founded Hula Networks with my partners. I wanted to help companies do more with less and reduce the world’s overall carbon footprint. My goal was to free our customers from the traditional channels that held them hostage and empower them to move quickly unbeholden to any OEM.

Whether I am building a VAR, Trade Association like UNEDA, or a world-class apparel company like Shred Dog, I am passionate about building companies and teams that focus on disrupting the industry.

In 1992, I was in a life-threatening car accident where my father and I nearly died. We were both hospitalized for more than a month. I spent a week in ICU, my father was there more than four weeks, and we were both stuck in a wheelchair and hospital bed for months after when we got home. I finished my senior year of high school at home.

During that time, I learned a painful lesson. I learned how to overcome adversity and to always see the upside in every situation. I learned firsthand that there is no I in team, and you cannot succeed in life until you truly embrace this concept. We need other people. No matter if you are skiing down a couloir in Chamonix France, river rafting down the Colorado River, driving in a demolition derby, or skiing the Chugach in AK your success and your life always rely on your team.

To run a successful business, you need a rich community filled with people you admire and trust. I believe it is the people of any organization that define it. It is when you have a rich culture filled with dynamic individuals that come together for a common purpose, that the magic happens.

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Bill Hu

I have known Joe for over 30 years and would recommend Joe in any capacity. His skill as a businessman, leader, and coach is only surpassed by his indomitable will as a rainmaker, who can get the job done. His creativity as a marketer, his caring heart, and integrity rounds out his attributes to build company culture. Joe would be an asset to any organization looking to accelerate growth.

Tom Gricius

Joe is a man of honor and respect. He is a phenomenal leader and true visionary. His ability to inspire others and bring them together for a common cause is like no other. Joe’s character is defined by integrity, loyalty and drive. He has always been highly respected within the industry and has an extensive network allowing him to get things done that most cannot. He leads by example, is very collaborative, customer focused, and will outperform expectations every time. Joe has an innate ability to take business conversations to the next level by connecting with people on a real level and putting what’s most important to them first. I recommend Joe at every level. Any company that values their Brand identity and desire to grow, would be lucky to have Joe on their side.

Cyrille Morelle

Joe is a very thoughtful, and natural leader. He possesses a rare combination of excellent leadership abilities, passion, and drive. I have worked with Joe and his team directly for over 24 years. His expertise in telecommunications, coupled with his vast network and deep relationships allows him to do things no one else can. Joe is one of the best strategic business partners I ever worked with through the years. He makes every effort to understand your company culture, strategic initiatives, concerns, and then delivers a solution that brings the maximum value to the organization. Joe is a top-notch professional that is honest, caring, consistent, and a tireless champion

Roy Tuscany

Joe is a human being built around passion and fueling all things he does with that exact energy - the world is lucky to have him putting his passion towards improving the planet. I was lucky enough to work with Joe on an event called Hula Tribe 4 High Fives - he was the leader of the charge and poured 100% pure joy into the entire campaign.

Tomas R Hogan

I have known Joe for over 25 years and his passion to envision the future, reading the market, and developing a strategy is second to none. Anything he pours his heart into is a success. Our relationship moved from trust on worldwide adventures to doing business as one of Cisco's premier partners. Joe took the risk to assemble the right team to launch Hula Networks in a time most wouldn’t have. Joe drove the sales and marketing strategy which made Hula a success for over two decades. He has the skills it takes to assemble world-class teams and leads them to success. Whether it is a new business venture, building a world-class outdoor apparel brand, or for charity Joe’s ability to rally the troops for a common cause is like no other. He instills the trust it takes to enable a team to achieve their goals and exceed in customer relations. I feel lucky to have the relationship I do with Joe and to have worked with him over the years.

Shawn Hoekstra

I have worked with Joe for 9-years now and have nothing but amazing things to say about him as a person and his professionalism. I myself have been in the Telco/Data space for over 24-years and have worked with many, many different companies in our space. Some I can recommend and some I most certainly cannot. I will say without a shadow of a doubt that I absolutely recommend Joe to anyone for his teamwork, knowledge, innovation, and creativity. Thank you Joe for all you have done for me and my efforts.

Steven Faggiolly

Joe is the kind of driven individual that is always looking out for the best interests of his clients, business partners, and employees. His word is his bond and I feel extremely fortunate to know and work with an individual like Joe.