IT Networking Equipment Asset Recovery

Hula Networks helps with IT asset disposition (ITAD) by allowing customers to sell used networking equipment and end-of-life network hardware assets in order to maximize their ROI on network hardware. As the industry leading provider of previously owned network equipment, Hula Networks can offer maximum market value for your equipment.

We want to purchase your used network equipment

Sell used IT equipment to Hula & get the best ROI on end of life gear

Whether you want to dispose of surplus networking, routers, switches, VOIP or other technology equipment, update your current IT systems (and get the most value for your used equipment) or are just looking to sell your equipment for the best price...we can help.

Please use the form below to let us know what equipment you'd like to sell.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Our mission at Hula Networks has always been focused on offering our customers the best possible network equipment solutions for the lowest total cost of ownership. We sell new and used networking products that allow our customers to decrease expenses while at the same time maximize network reliability, performance and capability.

Part of our mission to help customers reach the lowest total cost of ownership is to provide a solution for IT Asset Disposition that allows customers to recoup costs and/or reduce the investment required for future network infrastructure purchases. Through equipment buy backs, consignment, idle asset management, and E-waste programs Hula offers its customers the best possible ROI for everything from new, unused equipment to equipment which is deemed obsolete or unreparable.

As a registered certified Green Business in the state of California, Hula has a solution that repairs (if & when required), certifies and sells your used networking equipment. If repair & certification is not possible the equipment is disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Lower your total cost of ownership by selling your used networking equipment to Hula Networks. Fill out the form below to let us know about the equipment you'd like to sell. A Hula representative will review and contact you with the highest market value as a trade-in or cash for your used equipment.

Our Process

To determine value, we research market trends and evaluate reseller pricing of your networking equipment inorder to provide the most competitive offer possible for your equipment.

All of our bids are based upon equipment being either a commodity (high demand) or niche (low demand) product. For commodity products that we stock, we will determine market value and can turn around bids within 24 hours. Depending on the needs of your company, we can apply the value of your hardware toward the purchase of new equipment or pay you cash.

Idle Asset Management

Hula Networks provides carriers and large enterprises with the logistical and technical expertise to assist our customers with the identification, cataloging and disposition of network assets both operational and obsolete.

  • Shipping / Packaging
    Hula Networks logistics services include pulling equipment from racks, packaging including supplying packing materials pick-up of equipment and transporting from any sites back to the Hula Networks specially configured secure warehouse facility.
  • Testing & Auditing
    Once idle asset items arrive at Hula, the customer will be notified by next business day and consignment items will begin a secured testing process. An audit will be return to customer upon completion.
  • Asset Designation
    Determine if asset follows under the following categories:
    • Consigned Item-for remarketing
    • Repair
    • Idle Asset Management-for redeployment
    • E-waste
  • Storage
    Items will then be stored in Hula Networks secure, environmentally safe facility. All asset items will be tracked and identified via computer and barcode-label.
  • Control/Access
    24X7 online access will be provided for all idle asset items; for real time activity of repair, redeployment, selling, or disposing of equipment. Hula Networks will insure that all idle asset items are under Hula's liability insurance policy.
  • Review
    At regular periodic intervals, Hula Networks Critical Asset Manager will liaise with you to review the Idle Asset Program performance, analyze new technology development plans, advise on relevant forthcoming market conditions, and re-designate items if requested.

  • Benefits

    • Reduce your storage expense by eliminating the need to maintain and insure outdated or excess inventories. Providing a secure, environmentally safe facility for storing. Allowing Brocade 24X7 online access to its Equipment.
    • Secure Warehouse Space
    • Surveillance system with 24 hour monitoring system
    • Insurance for up to $2,000,000 equipment coverage, * more if required
    • Shipping & Receiving onsite
    • Web-based Inventory management systems

E-Waste Management

With energy costs rising and landfills overflowing more companies are thinking "Green". Many have storerooms full of obsolete or decommissioned networking gear that is taking up valuable space and is a logistical nightmare to catalog and dispose of.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, Hula Networks' electronics recycling channel process is unparalleled in scale and the quality of its performance. Hula Networks evaluates values and consolidates both end-of-life and networking scrap electronics for their metal and semiconductor value.

Offering assured destruction through shredding and/or melting of:
  • Hard Drives
  • Proprietary Materials
  • E-waste
 Witness destruction is available
  • Clients may view the destruction of their material via:
    • Remote camera
    • Live at an channel partner facility

A certificate of destruction and weight will be issued once all material has been processed and destroyed.

  • Shredding
    After e-waste has been pre-picked, it flows into the shredding line to be sized down for commodity separation. The main shredder breaks material down into 4" x 10" fragments and the final shredder reduces it further into poker chip-sized fragments that are optimal for the separation processes.
  • Separation
     Hula Networks separates the components, ferrous metals (steel), copper and precious metals, aluminum, and plastic.

     The steel and aluminum are recycled as the metals, the plastic is recycled as plastic, and the copper and precious metals are sampled, prepared, and packaged for shipment to a primary copper smelter.

  • Benefits

    Hula Networks e-waste channel has over 30 years combined experience as a U.S. collector, transporter and processor of e-waste, Toxic/Hazardous and PM materials.

    • Offering complete audited domestic, "zero landfill" solutions
    • Domestic "downstream"
    • Fully certified Toxic Storage and Disposal facilities
    • Approved Recycler for California's Electronics Recycling Act (SB20)
    • Top 10 U.S. Processor of e-waste
    • Hula's state-of-the-art recycling process ensures that the electronics are refined into clean, high-quality commodities.