Donate Unused Tech to Kids

Hula Networks is working with their local Elementary School Gabriela Mistral and in conjunction with their customer base to donate needed technology such laptops, printers, tablets, iPads, etc. to the children and parents of the school. Technology devices will be used in classrooms, on campus to aid staff and parents, and at home for educational purposes.

Hula Networks will handle all logistics and refurbishing and reimburse you for shipping charges. We want to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Please ship your donated items to:

  • Hula Networks Inc.
  • C/O Help Gabriela Mistral Elementary School and Community
  • 1153 Tasman Drive
  • Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Before Shipping Please:

  • Make sure all equipment is shipped in thick double walled cardboard boxes, wrapped in 4-5 layers of bubble wrap, foam popcorn or foam to elevate any open areas for movement in shipping
  • Secure contents so there is absolutely no movement inside the box once sealed. Tip: give a healthy shake to see if contents move within
  • Enclose with at least 2 inches of padding around all sides of units.
  • Multiple items in a box need to be wrapped individually.
  • Include any accessories power and console cables needed.

We reimburse your shipping costs:

Please, send us receipt on packaging material i.e., UPS Store or Fed Ex packing center and we will refund you via PayPal or check.