Joseph Vito Commendatore

President & Cheif Executive Officer

Don't take life too seriously, because you can't come out of it alive.

Born in 1974 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Clara, California. His father, a New York native, is a respected business executive in the Bay Area with titles such as Vice President of Varian Associates, Vice President/CFO at SSE Technologies, and Vice President / CFO of Goodwill Industries of Santa Clara, California. His mother, a California native, is a lifelong educator in the California school system and a devoted parent. She is an active member of Los Altos United Methodist Church and a nature enthusiast.

Growing up in the Bay Area, Joe's parents taught him the values of service and responsibility, as well as the blessings of the Christian faith. Joe still carries these lessons with him to this day. As a young child, and through his entire life, Joe has traveled extensively throughout the world, visiting over 20 countries. On these trips, he learned firsthand what makes America a leader in the world - our optimism and our democratic values. He has learned that nations across the world share many common goals and that the best way to achieve them is through strong relationships and partnerships.

Joe Commmendatore has always been a leader and an accomplished athlete, but...

In 1992, Joe was in a life-threatening car accident where he and his father nearly died. They were both hospitalized for over a month. Joe was forced to use a wheelchair for his last year of high school due to the severity of his injuries and the paralysis he suffered. This car accident taught Joe a painful lesson that he would never forget. He learned how to overcome adversity and to always see the upside of every situation. He learned that with every loss comes a new opportunity and that you have to always keep your head up no matter what cards you are dealt. He learned that you have to have the ability to ask for help and rely on your teammates in order to truly succeed.

Joe graduated from Chico State University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Business Marketing. During his time at Chico, Joe was an active member of the Chico State Division One Rugby Team, a coach of the Chico State Ski Team for two years, a member of the Chico State Marketing Association, and an active member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. Joe was a hard-working student making the dean's list twice while at Chico State.

After graduating from Chico State University in 1997, Joe Commendatore went to work at a top snowboard apparel company. While there he realized he had to continue to follow his dreams of competing at the professional level in the free skiing circuit. Joe started competing in professional free skiing tournaments while still in college. He continued to follow the professional free skiing tour until he suffered his second knee reconstruction while in Chamonix, France. After his second knee surgery, and many other injuries, Joe decided to enter the corporate world where he could put his competitive energy to good use without risking his life and body. In 1998, Joe Commendatore entered the corporate world working as a sales representative for an electronics distributor supporting contract manufacturers and OEM customers. Joe quickly became a leader in the company and one of the best sales executives in the company.

In 1999 Joe recognized that he wanted to be a part of the networking world...

With Cisco Systems as one of his largest customers through a contract manufacturer, Joe focused his goal to sell Cisco products. Joe then began to work for one of Cisco's most prestigious gold VARs at the time. Joe accelerated quickly to the top, becoming one of the top performers in the company. In 2001, the bubble burst, and business was not the same. No longer did people buy completely redundant systems or have unlimited IT budgets. It was at this time that Joe decided he needed to take action

In 2001, Joe and his two partners founded Hula Networks Inc. Mr. Commendatore is the acting President and CEO of Hula Networks. Each year Hula Networks has continued to grow and increase its market share. Joe Commendatore entered the networking industry with a reputation as a man of conviction. He confirmed that reputation by making bold decisions on important issues that have helped Hula Networks become one of the world's leading providers of pre-owned networking equipment.

Joe Commendatore has never forgotten the lessons he learned as a young man - lessons that have been strengthened in the 15 years he has been involved with high tech industry. In 2005 Joe and a small group founded UNEDA (United Network Equipment Dealer Association) a worldwide alliance of more than 333 likeminded companies on four continents representing over $2.5 Billion dollars in sales each year.

From the inception Commendatore knew that UNEDA must work with all other countries and all industry members to achieve their goals, as well as the industry's common goals. From his ability to overcome adversity in 1992 to his leadership at Hula Networks, Joe Commendatore has distinguished himself as one of the industry's most respected voices.

As CEO of Hula Networks, Joe Commendatore has worked closely with other industry leaders to learn the real issues of our industry today. Joe is an active industry leader and has a true pulse on the issues that plague our industry today. Joe Commendatore is a devoted Husband with two children.