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We've gone to great lengths at Hula Networks to build long term partnership with people who have a passion to help and service our customers. Our staff is both knowledgeable and eager to please. Hula Networks lives and breathes networking and people look to us for advice.

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Scott Hobin


I take great pride in introducing the right technology to our clients while factoring their specific environmental needs and budgetary restraints into the equation. I am vendor agnostic, customer centric!
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Steve Robinson


Meeting new clients and helping them solve their business networking challenges is what I enjoy most about this field. I've been blessed to work with many great clients over the years and enjoy the many unique folks I've had the privilege of working with.
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Luwanna Le


As the leader of the accounting operations, I am proud to take charge of closely monitoring Hula Networks’ financial health.
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Jared Garcia

Inside Sales Manager

I strive to save customers time and money while making smart purchasing decisions. Great customer service is my number 1 priority.
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Robert Monetebon

Logistics Manager

You are serving a customer, not a life sentence. Learn how to enjoy your work.
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Pedro Castillo

Global Sales Engineer

Your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
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Anna Marie Bueno

Business Development Manager

"Passionately driving growth and forging partnerships in the digital landscape as a Business Development Manager. Transforming opportunities into successful ventures, one strategic connection at a time.
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