Piñata Charity Event 2017

Each year during the holiday season, members of Hula Networks travel with friends and family to Nicaragua, to aid the local shelter "Hogar de Ancianos" in an effort to alleviate the burden on many of its impoverished residents.

Through our work, the elderly are provided with much needed toiletries, clothing, food, care, and compassion. Our annual endeavor includes something we refer to as the "Piñatas event". A unique and fun event for children and their families. We provide these families with a holiday celebrations that include a warm meal, toys, gifts, and the chance to crack open a traditional candy-filled Piñata.

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How To Help

Hula Networks is teamed with family and friends to handle all the logistics and organization of our charitable Piñatas. We respectfully ask for your help in donating the items below. Your generosity and compassion is appreciated.

There are two ways you can help make a difference.

  1. Send clothing and toys for event to;

    • Hula Networks, Inc.
    • 1153 Tasman Drive
    • Sunnyvale, CA 94089
    • Attn: Piñata
  2. Make a financial contribution using our secure website form via credit card or PayPal. Please, donate today for our next event.

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There are thousands of families, children, and elderly throughout Nicaragua who are in desperate need of food, living necessities, and celebratory moments. Hula Networks, family, and friends are on a mission to provide helpful necessities to the elderly and spirited celebrations for children and their families.

Please help us spread joy and happiness to the people of Nicaragua.

Video's of Previous Piñata Events

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