About Hula Networks

Hula Networks has been helping service providers, carriers, data centers, and large enterprise clients increase company profits, decrease expenses, and mitigate risk since 2001. We work hard to increase our client's productivity and revenues by addressing the gaps in their current communication infrastructure and company procedures.

Hula Networks enables customers to maximize their productivity, efficiency and overall cost savings by leveraging our highly knowledgeable staff with over sixty years combined experience in the telecommunications industry. We are able to help carriers, data centers, and large enterprise clients address real business issues including the growing problem of long OEM lead-times and developing new found revenue streams within their customer product offerings. We pride ourselves in providing access to world-class IT products and services, top level manufacturer certifications, flexible financing options, and custom business processes. Through our robust offering, we deliver the choices, tools, and value organizations need to optimize their IT infrastructure and supply chain processes.

With a team of direct OEM certified engineers as well as over 10,000 satisfied customers under our belt, Hula Networks has unmatched experience in delivering true end to end solutions. Our close working partnerships with leading manufacturers keeps Hula Networks at the forefront of communications technology and allows us to provide fully integrated solutions.

Hula is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with remote offices worldwide. We take pride in our strong reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in management.

Why buy Hula Certified Pre-Owned Network Hardware?

  • Savings
    Hula Networks discount varies from 30% to 90% off list/retail price depending on the series and manufacturer of the product, as well as the available supply. Legacy products carry deeper discounts. Contact Hula Networks for specific pricing.
  • Trade In & Trade Up
    The Certified Pre-owned title is awarded only to those networking products which pass meticulous inspection. Hula Networks Certified Pre-owned truly is a smart way to expand your IT budget. Hula Networks will apply the value of your legacy IT hardware toward the purchase of new IT Equipment.
  • Quality: Like New
    All Hula Networks products go through 12 step quality assurances testing before being accepted into our AFR (available for Resale) inventory. Many items in our inventory were purchased from over capacities and were never opened or deployed. Every item we sell is backed by a 30 day warranty with 1 year extended warranties available.
  • Delivery: Usually Overnight
    Hula Networks hardware inventory is the most extensive in the industry. We carry substantial inventories of Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks and Juniper Networks equipment. Our extensive AFR (available for Resale) inventory is available to you overnight. Because of our extensive customer and supplier relationships any equipment not in inventory is usually available within a few days.

Why should I buy networking equipment from Hula Networks?

  • All Hula Networks hardware & equipment is fully tested and comes with a standard 30 day warranty. All products are eligible for one year extended warrantees.
  • All products Hula sells are discounted 30% to 85% off retail pricing! Let Hula Networks help you stretch your IT budget.
  • Hula Networks carries a large volume of Hula certified pre-owned and new open box Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Foundry and Sun Micro. Most orders ship out of our warehouse the same day.
  • Over 40 Years combined industry experience ensures our customers that we have the know how to get you the right product on time every time.
  • Over 1000 satisfied customers worldwide including some of the largest companies in the U.S.
  • 12 point pre-owned inspection process assures you of high quality, reliable products.
  • Headquartered in high tech Silicon Valley allows Hula Networks to source equipment from some of the most technology conscious companies in the world.

How can you assure the highest quality?

Hula Networks 12 Point certification process assures Quality! We refuse any products that can not conform to the following tests and procedures.

  • In addition to the above 12 point Certification Process Hula Networks Inc. will perform the following for all orders:
    • Verify that all cards are recognized in chassis running on specific IOS.
    • Verify that the cards are 100% functional while running specific IOS.
    • Verify and use the most recent built card if a build date is available and an option.
    • Latest revision available
    • Power all DC power supplies with -48v
    • Power cycle both power supplies 10 times
    • Verify that the LED is green and the chassis boots up
    • All cards to be run with the specified software version for a minimum of 48 hours

Networking Equipment Purchasing Policies

Hula Networks buys, sells, and trades all networking equipment. We focus Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Juniper Networks, Foundry Networks and Sun Microsystems. We will evaluate any network equipment opportunity to buy, sell, or trade. Customer acceptance of the equipment sold by Hula Networks Inc. binds both parties to the following terms and conditions:

  • Customers and Quotes
    We will provide you with an accurate phone,written, fax, or e-mail quote. Quoted and actual price/availability/delivery on all equipment may slightly vary due to time elapsed between quote and purchase, market supply/demand conditions, inventory status and equipment's internal configuration. All equipment is subject to prior sale.
  • Purchase Orders
    Due to the complex nature of the networking business, we require one PO per order from our customers. No order can be processed without a PO. When the order is processed, a sales invoice is generated and faxed to the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to insure the accuracy of the order by carefully reviewing the information on the invoice.
  • Order Cancellation
    Orders once placed may not be canceled without good cause. It is our company policy not to do business with customers who cancel orders without good cause, refuse to accept delivery, do not pay as agreed or stop-pay a check written to us for payment of goods/services.
  • Returns and Exchanges
    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and it is within 15 days of delivery, and the product was sold from existing stock, we will accept the return of the working item in the same condition and packaging it was received subject to a 20% restocking fee. If a product was purchased specifically to fill your order and was not available in our inventory at that time, it is non-returnable. Customer is responsible for any freight charges on all returns. All sales are final.
  • Completeness
    Each box contains a PACKING SLIP indicating what is in the box. It is the customer's responsibility to check the items received against the pack slip, and notify Hula Networks regarding discrepancies immediately upon receipt of the equipment.
  • Packaging
    We use foam, bubble rap, sturdy boxes and pack items well. In the event the item arrives damaged, it is the responsibility of the customer to immediately notify FED-EX regarding the damaged items. Hula Networks will work with the customer and FED-EX to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Shipping
    We ship primaily via FED-EX per the customer's account number.
  • Sales Tax
    CA customers are subject to the sales tax rate per their region. Tax exempt organizations must provide us with their tax number when placing an order or will be charged sales tax.
  • Condition - Warranty - Exchange
    We sell used, unused in original box, and new equipment. Used products carry a 30-day warranty, with one year warranties available. Warranty covers DOA equipment or equipment failing to perform to manufacturers specifications. Warranty does not cover misuse and/or damage due to improper installation and/or operation of the equipment. No item can be returned without prior authorization. We will repair, exchange, or refund the equipment under warranty within 5 working days after its receipt at our warehouse. All equipment is subject to prior sale.

Not Grey Markets...BUT Green Markets!

The green market is the distribution of refurbished, used, recycled, discontinued or new products that are in working condition. They are sold through resellers such as Hula Networks, and sometimes through the original manufacturer. These goods are suitable for resale to customers as a lower cost alternative to buying new goods from standard distribution channels. All items from Hula are under warranty (HulaNet).

The negative effects of over producing new electronics products and disposing rather than utilizing existing equipment, has been recognized as ecologically hazardous. Buying green market products is not only very cost effective, but is more environmentally responsible than continually replacing systems with new equipment.

IN THIS DAY AND AGE we have seen the "Go Green" practice come up more and more. With energy costs rising and landfills overflowing more companies are thinking "Green". We have found that many companies like yours have storerooms full of idle, legacy, or abandoned gear that is taking up valuable space and is a logistical nightmare to catalog and dispose of. We at Hula Networks Inc. can help you with that with our new Go Green Program!

WHAT THIS DOES FOR YOU is it frees up man hours spent by your staff but also clears much needed space within your facility that you can use for customer relations and increase your profits. On top of that it is a green alternative as everything is reused or properly recycled. How are we going to recycle this gear? We will either refurbish the gear for resale so that it replaces a new unit that would have been purchased (I.E. one less piece of equipment manufactured and sold) or fully tear down the units for component and resource recycling.

Hula Networks is a registered certified Green Business in the state California.
Going Green with Hula saves you money. We will give you Hula Green points for each piece of gear we handle for you! Green points gives you rewards for being recycling savvy. With Green Points you can get even credits for upcoming purchases.