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Hula Networks is an authorized Net Optics reseller. We offer a complete best of breed software & networking equipment solutions that include intelligent access and monitoring architecture solutions from Net Optics.

About Net Optics

Net Optics is the leading provider of intelligent access and data monitoring solutions that deliver real-time network visibility. Net Optics innovative solutions enable companies to achieve peak performance, security and access for 100 percent visibility into the network all without ever introducing a point of failure. Net Optics solutions enable companies to Monitor The Network, Troubleshoot The Network and Secure The Network.

About Net Optics Products

Net Optics' growing family of network taps for data access and data monitoring, provide solutions to address virtualization, compliance, security and other networking challenges businesses face today.

Aggregation Taps

Simple and ultra-efficient, Aggregator Taps provide access to full-duplex links using just a single NIC on the monitoring or analyzer tool.

Link Aggregator Taps

Used to combine network traffic from one to four network links for up to four data monitoring tools

Port Aggregator Taps

Used to combine network traffic from one network link and copy to either one or two data monitoring tools

Regeneration Taps

Simultaneously monitor network traffic on important links with multiple security and traffic management tools with passive, real-time regeneration tap technology.
  1. Simultaneously place multiple security and traffic analysis tools on core network links
  2. Concurrently monitor for RMON statistics, application behavior, or security threats
  3. In-line and Span port models available

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