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Meet Mike Wilson

Hula Networks, Inc. has teamed up with Mike Wilson an action sports superhero based out of Squaw Valley, CA.

When asked why a Silicon Valley Tech company would partner with an action sports athlete let Mike Wilson, Hula Networks CEO Joe Commendatore responded, "These days, achieving true web presence means playing in the social networking scene. It takes serious creativity, some luck, and a lot of hard work. Let's face it computer networking equipment is not as exciting as Mike Wilson hucking himself off a 99 foot rope swing and throwing a quad back flip. What we are doing is cutting edge marketing and we expect to see big dividends from our efforts."

Many ski enthusiasts already know Mike Wilson as a professional skier, base jumper or action sport hero throwing huge double back flips off the Palisades, or sending it over the Fingers at Squaw Valley but, Joe Commendatore admits Mike really caught his attention with his YouTube megahit. Referring to Mike's (Triple Back flip 60 foot Rope Swing!) a YouTube video released in August and since gone viral with over a half a million hits. Filmed and produced by Conor Toumarkine of Shreddy Times productions. "When I saw Mike throw triple back flips off a 60 foot rope swing over and over again into the Truckee River my jaw dropped. I knew right then I had to meet this kid." said Joe Commendatore.

Since then Hula Networks has partnered with the Mike Wilson and the Shreddy Times production team based in Tahoe City to shoot some viral videos of our own. We have already shot two videos that are part of a five edit series titled Going Big with Mike Wilson this summer. They are both bigger and bader than the first and no doubt dressed to impress even the most adventurists minded.

We are excited to be working with Mike as he is by far one of the most talented kids on the planet. Not only has he taken skiing to the next level in many aspects, but his diversity and all around athleticism carries over to Base Jumping, Insane Rope Swings, Snowmobiling, and much more. The kid is a cat that always finds his feet. Like Hula, Mike does everything 110%. His inner-drive and tenacity for success is what first aligned us and will be the foundation to a long term partnership.

Take a minute to learn more about who Mike Wilson is through the YouTube Videos below.

Going Big - 99 Foot Rope Swing Video