Hula Networks has partnered with eSyllabus for Africa

eSyllabus is a US based 501c3 that is dedicated to assisting schools in African nations with digital libraries for eLearning programs. Hula aims to work with its industry partners and worldwide customer base to generate donations of computer desktops, laptops, iPads, and computer peripherals to aid eSyllabus for Africa.

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Equipment In Need
  • Desktops (1-3 years old)
  • Laptops (1-3 years old)
  • Apple Tablet (1-3 years old)
  • Android Tablet (1-3 years)
  • Desktops (4-7 years old)
  • Laptops (4-7 years old)
  • LCD Monitors
Tax Write Off For Donation

Desktops - est. $100-$200*
- est. $200-$300*
Apple Tablet
- est. $150-$300*
Android Tablet
- est. $100-$200*
- est. $100-$200*
- est. $200-$300*
LCD Monitors
- est. $50-$150*

In 2013 eSyllabus for Africa established a partnership with Ghana Regional Libraries to provide various locations with IT equipment.

eSyllabus for Africa was granted permission to run educational seminars and sessions at their various library locations in the 10 regions of Ghana. At present over 250 tablets have been distributed to Ghana regional libraries at 8 locations (Sogakope, Tamale, Accra, Koforidua, Ho, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast) and the 3 staff of eSyllabus for Africa coordinate programs at the library in Takoradi, Tamale and Accra.

eSyllabus for Africa has also constructed computer labs at several schools, including a rural program with a solar system in parts of Ghana without electricity. eSyllabus for Africa has partnerships with many NGOs in Africa who utilize our free digital library materials which include material such as offline Khan Academy and offline Wikipedia.

Donate Your Unused Equipment Today

eSyllabus for Africa is a registered NGO in Ghana with full certification from the local government. eSyllabus for Africa also has a registered 501c3 in the United States and all donations to eSyllabus for Africa are tax deductible. All staff are in Ghana, and eSyllabus for Africa maintains no employees in USA or rents any space in the USA or Africa. No American staff is paid and all funds are spent on programs. In this way since 2013 with a budget of only 100-150K a year, eSyllabus for Africa has been able to provide over 100 scholarships, provide over 500 schools with digital library materials and to create strategic partnerships with many other NGOs and government agencies.

Donate Your Unused Equipment Today

Donate Your Equipment Today

If you have equipment you'd like to donate, please use the form below to provide
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One of our team members will contact you to verify your donation and to provide
no expense to you FedEx shipping information. We do ask that contributors
package the equipment securely prior to shipping.

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*Estimated tax write off is based on original value and specification of the equipment. Equipment with more RAM / System memory, hard drive space, larger screens, etc. will be at the higher end of the range when compared to models with lower specification.